Fragile Flower

FragileĀ  flower on the stem, beaten by the storms fierce wind
Petals falling to the ground, is all lost to life’s battles
Cold winds blow, stem weathered and dried
A short-lived season and now you’ve died
But what is this I can barely see, in the wind your scattered seed
All’s not lost in life, you’ve left behind a legacy
As your seed falls to the ground, in slumber sleeps untill it’s time
When earth is warmed by the sun drawn high and winter storms have passed you by
The spring earth swallows up your seed
Rooted, the rich earth fills your need and from you springs life once again
fragile flower again in bloom
My heart awakened by you with strength to carry on.

Hello world!

Welcome to my site! I invite you to sit back and hopefully enjoy this journey with me. My hope and desire for anyone who finds themselves here, is that you will find inspiration and encouragement. These are reflections from my own life experiences and the lessons I have learned and are in the midst of learning. If you find yourself touched by the words you find here please feel free to share.