Home Is Where the Heart Is


Home is where the heart is. There is so much truth to that in sooo many ways. I have discovered that home isn’t always the destination but the journey as well. It is that “happy place” we long to go to. In truth it really isn’t that hard to find at times.

I know that there are some who honestly have pain, fear, rejection and loneliness associated to what they would call home. Sometimes it is hard to separate those things. I know because there has certainly been a lot of that in my own life as a child and as an adult. But over the years I have discovered that those moments in my life that have brought the deepest joys, the freedoms through healing, the reconnections forged by forgiveness have often come through the grounding myself to those moments that lift my heart and lead me to home. And what is home?

Home is that place that causes your heart to soar above your circumstance and embrace the joy that surrounds you. It is connecting yourself to the simplicity of God’s gifts to you. Maybe it’s a walk in the woods, or the laughter you share with a friend. Maybe it’s the embrace of someone you love or the cuddle of a child. It could be sitting with a friend through their loss or perhaps they are sitting with you through yours. Some times home shows up only for an instant. Or it lingers in hours and days. Home is that place where your heart connects you to life, in your memories and in the present of living it now.

These past few weeks have brought me home SO many times and there were moments I didn’t even know it. While on a mission trip I thought I was in Haiti but really I was home. Singing to the children, twirling and swirling as if I was only 5 again found it’s place deep in my heart and whispered “This is home.” I did not speak their language but that didn’t seem to matter. There is a language without words that resonates in every heart. We speak it through a smile, a hug, a kind and compassionate gesture or deed. Even though I left Haiti, there is still an ache to go back because home is where your heart is.

My trip back east to see my family and friends was precious and priceless!! It stirred my heart and I basked in the joy of memories of a life where there was  much love and yes a deep well of pain. But the only thing that lingered from those memories was the love. That is what stood the test of time.

Cows in field

Driving through the green rolling hills of Virginia dotted with dairy cows and listening to my mother share her stories of her childhood was soothing. I was able to insert myself into the past and see the stories of her life for a moment as though they were mine. We traveled roads I took as a child and even though those roads have been long forgotten, the gentle tears upon my cheeks told me I was home.

The traveling is done and the destinations have been fulfilled. I am back “home” facing piles of laundry, grass to be mowed, flowerbeds to be weeded and on and on. But that’s ok because I love the connection…it makes my heart soar!!! Why? Because home is where my heart is!!

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