Face the Sun

Dubsconventionalwisdom's Blog

When days were young and hearts were unbroken

We went so quietly into the night

But now we ride the moon with a vengeance

She is the steed that carries us in all our wicked ways

We rest her secrets on our breath

Whispering into the night

Longing for the loss of a moment

That unveils our weakest point

And reveals our greatest strife

Did we live younger through our memories

Because we were too afraid to let time tick away?

Did we pass blindly through the days

Because we couldn’t face the terrors that lie in wait?

With our heads turned we forgot to see the beauty

Stepping blindly through time

We missed the sun

And all she has to show us

As a child I fell running

Mother bandaged my knee

Years later I had my first heartbreak

There are remedies for those also

We pass through the…

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