The Space For Faith

Have you ever heard, “Not Knowing is the worst part of something”. I know we all feel that sometimes, that if only we knew what was ahead we could make the right decision. That is a component of the “something” but I had an interesting revelation this morning. There is something I want to know, need to know. As I prayed I told God so. He tells us if we lack wisdom to ask and He will give it to us. But His answer reminded me that knowledge and wisdom are two completely different things. Knowledge is the accumulation of information. You may even find wisdom there. But wisdom is taking the knowledge and applying good judgement and making sound decisions or actions accordingly. It holds insight and discernment within. Wisdom requires time, experience, waiting on and living it out.
When I asked God for the answer to what I wanted to know I heard Him say,”Not Knowing was the place where space opens up for faith. Knowing is where I stop trusting and start relying on my own ability to solve what “I” know I want the answer to be.” WOW
The answer will come soon enough but between now and then I want God’s wisdom to hold me, prepare me, console me, direct me. But most of all I want Gods wisdom to shape me…into what? His Image so that when the answer comes what others see is His reflexion in me of Grace, Courage, Forgiveness, Fearlessness, Integrity. Right now, if I had the “information” I seek I know that none of those things would be seen.
Whats the big deal about faith? It is the substance (the real physical matter of which a thing consists and which has a solid, tangible presence) of things hoped for. Thats what I want beyond what the information will give me. It is the place where wisdom resides.
I think of my friends who have held that space because of cancer, broken marriages, addictions, children suffering from mental disorders and the parents who love them through it, financial trouble, loss of job. The list goes on and on. I think of how some have done it with knowledge and others with wisdom and faith. God has been there for each of them, never leaving their side. But for those who chose to do it their way struggled in finding their way to that place of peace.
Maybe some of you are looking for answers to some heart wrenching questions. Maybe together we can hold that space open for faith, step into it and wait for Gods wisdom to come pouring over us. I am taking that first step.
“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

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