Unlocking the Potential Within


What holds you back from moving into the life you really want? We all face those moments in our lives where we feel paralyzed to move forward in our job and relationships. It can become difficult taking steps to improve ourselves and make better decisions. This list could go on and on and we end up feeling lost and unsure of ourselves. The anticipated outcome leaves us complacent and unmotivated by our fears of failure. Where do those fears of failure come from and how can we remove them from our lives?

Each person on this planet hasn’t been randomly chosen to be here. We are unique in every way. But what we believe about ourselves brings outcomes that either push us forward or pull us backward. Our circumstances often play a role on how we form our thoughts of who we are or who we will be. We forget to ask ourselves who we want to be. We somehow get trapped by the words of our circumstances that tell us we can not and somehow believe those words are true. They are powerful words, powerful thoughts. They could even be true if you choose to give them that kind of power in your life. That choice is yours.

When you consider many of the people who have had some of the greatest influences on helping others and themselves you will discover that they did not come from circumstances that gave them any advantage in life. Look at Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey was born into poverty in rural Mississippi to a teenage single mother and later raised in an inner-city Milwaukee neighborhood. She experienced considerable hardship during her childhood, saying she was raped at age nine and became pregnant at the age of 14; her son died in infancy. She could have stopped right there but she didn’t. She went on to become one of America’s most successful TV talk show host.(wikipedia Oprah Winfrey)

Bethany Meilani Hamilton is another example. In 2003, at the age of 13, Bethany survived a Shark attack losing her left arm. Despite the shock of the incident, Bethany returned back to Professional Surfing where she was second in Billabong ASP World Junior Championship and just took first in the Surf ’n’ Sea Pipeline Women’s Pro 2014. She is still competing (Wikipedia:Bethany Hamilton)

Here’s another, Nick Vujicic who was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. Nick’s disability was a struggle during his childhood years. But  at the age of 17 he started a Non-profit organization, ” Life Without Limbs”. Nick has written four inspirational books and is a motivational speaker about life with a disability. (lifewithoutlimbs.org) Thomas Edison who was known as a poor student went on to to become an inventor and businessman holding 1093 patents. His inventions include the electric light, power utilities, sound recording, and motion pictures.(ops.gov, A brief biography of Thomas Edison) There are many people we could add to this list of overcomer’s. One thing they have in common was and is not allowing their circumstances define who they would become. They faced their circumstance and instead of giving it power over them they discovered how to master power over their circumstance. Their circumstances merely became obstacles to remove on their journey to become who they are today and who they will be in the future.

You might be saying right now, “I can’t be a Thomas Edison or Oprah Winfrey. I don’t have the courage of Nick Vujicic or Bethany Hamilton”. That’s ok. You can only be yourself and use the talents and gifts that are uniquely yours. When you begin to tie your gifts and talents to your passions is when you start discovering  your fullest potential. It becomes a journey of discovery and revelation that leads to a greater purpose. It is a journey that leads you out of your circumstances and leads you into that process of becoming your authentic self.

What is the importance of having passion? Passion is what provides the fuel for our journey. Passion ignites the fire inside that gives us that desire for significance in the way we choose to live our lives. It motivates us to keep moving forward. Passion opens the door to our potential and gives us courage to dream. Passion encompasses every aspect of our lives and draws us into a place of living with more intentionality the things that are really important to us.

How might you unlock your potential within? Start by asking these simple questions and give yourself time to find the answers.

1.Who are you outside of your circumstances?

2.Who do you want to be?  

 3.What do you feel deeply about and are passionate about?                                                      

4.What ways do my passions affect my life purpose?                                                                    

5.How do my passion and purpose direct me to my fullest potential?

If you don’t have the answers to all of these questions that’s ok. Remember this is a journey. You will find new questions that will pop up along the way. It is a journey of self discovery, Your self discovery. Your circumstances don’t define who you are or who you will become. Only you have the power to do that.

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I look outside and see nothing but grey skies.There have been a lot of those lately and excessive amounts of rain. It’s not exactly the kind of day that motivates you. More often than not, the lens we choose to look through has a lot to do with how we determine what kind of day it will be for us. As we make our choices we are seldom aware of how those things will affect and shape us.

When we give little credence to the power of our thoughts we only embolden those patterns and habits we have held onto for years that hold us back. We are held back in relationships, productivity at work and home. We forget how to dream. I am sure you have heard the old adage, “He who aims at nothing is bound to hit it every time”. All we see is the dullness of our grey skies that neither inspire nor connects us to our potential.

So how do we obtain the day’s, the weeks, the years of living that life which so easily eludes us at times? Change the lens that you are looking through. Ask yourself the simple questions of, “What do I want? How might I get it? What do I need to change? What steps do I need to take now to move forward”? Sometimes those questions in their simplicity can be the hardest to answer but they can lead us into transforming perspectives. Learn how to open up that space between your thoughts and the reality of life you want to live. Be willing to step into that place where you take charge.  

If you have already started your day and see yourself headed in a direction you don’t really want to go then pause, take a deep breath… change your lens. Let your light shine through the grey and dullness. Be willing and ready to step into your day with a fresh and invigorating new perspective. Who knows? You might never see those grey skies the same way ever again.

When the Wrong Question Becomes the Right Question


During a conversation with a friend the other day she asked me a question that at the time felt like the wrong question. It was a question where the answer seemed to far out of reach. You know the ones that make your head hurt because it requires more than a 10 second response.

We sailed through the conversation but later in the day I came back to her question. As I paused to consider what she had asked I had the sudden realization that the answer I was looking for was beyond the answer to her question. I chewed on, meditated upon and worked through the process of looking beyond the question.

It was a slow process of consideration and willingness to look at things from many different angles. When the answer finally came to me I realized that if I only ask the questions I know the answers to, I don’t learn or grow.

We live in a world where answers are readily available. We no longer have to wait because the information highway is buzzing with simple solutions that demand very little critical thinking on our part. But when we only rely on the information to come from other sources, we lose that part of ourselves that birth creativity. We are no longer solution focused but information dependent. We lose an important part of who we are.

Don’t misunderstand me about the useful tool of the internet or other resources. I use them everyday. But they are no substitute to the wonderful ability of using our minds for deeper revelation and understanding of those things that shape us.

Those kinds of questions are like a key that unlocks the endless potential within us. They have the ability to expand our world in ways we never dreamed of before. The beauty of the right question is that we don’t have to wait for someone else to ask it. We can ask those very questions ourselves.

If you are like me at some point you have heard the old adage of “don’t live in the “What Ifs”. What ifs are a path that lead to dissatisfaction and discontentment.”

If that were true we would find ourselves sitting in a darkness that excluded the wonderful discoveries of Thomas Edison. Our world would not have expanded beyond the boundaries of what we knew without the curiosity and exploration of Christopher Columbus. We would remain seated in ignorance of the meaning of freedom without the courageous example of Rosa Parks. The list is endless of those who asked the questions of “what if”.

We can deepen the meaning to the answers we search for by inserting simple words to our questions. Instead of asking questions that lead to singular answers try asking questions that expand into exploration. Instead of always asking “How is…, what is…, when is… or where is…” we expand our exploration by changing them to questions like: “How might…, What if…, When are… or Where might… ?” Not every question always needs that expansion but don’t be afraid to open them up for exploration.

When we ask these kinds of questions we embark on a path that will lead to a variety of potential answers. We discover options that can impact other areas of our lives and leave us with the self-satisfaction of knowing that we found the answer within our own selves.

Face the Sun

Dubsconventionalwisdom's Blog

When days were young and hearts were unbroken

We went so quietly into the night

But now we ride the moon with a vengeance

She is the steed that carries us in all our wicked ways

We rest her secrets on our breath

Whispering into the night

Longing for the loss of a moment

That unveils our weakest point

And reveals our greatest strife

Did we live younger through our memories

Because we were too afraid to let time tick away?

Did we pass blindly through the days

Because we couldn’t face the terrors that lie in wait?

With our heads turned we forgot to see the beauty

Stepping blindly through time

We missed the sun

And all she has to show us

As a child I fell running

Mother bandaged my knee

Years later I had my first heartbreak

There are remedies for those also

We pass through the…

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The Space For Faith

Have you ever heard, “Not Knowing is the worst part of something”. I know we all feel that sometimes, that if only we knew what was ahead we could make the right decision. That is a component of the “something” but I had an interesting revelation this morning. There is something I want to know, need to know. As I prayed I told God so. He tells us if we lack wisdom to ask and He will give it to us. But His answer reminded me that knowledge and wisdom are two completely different things. Knowledge is the accumulation of information. You may even find wisdom there. But wisdom is taking the knowledge and applying good judgement and making sound decisions or actions accordingly. It holds insight and discernment within. Wisdom requires time, experience, waiting on and living it out.
When I asked God for the answer to what I wanted to know I heard Him say,”Not Knowing was the place where space opens up for faith. Knowing is where I stop trusting and start relying on my own ability to solve what “I” know I want the answer to be.” WOW
The answer will come soon enough but between now and then I want God’s wisdom to hold me, prepare me, console me, direct me. But most of all I want Gods wisdom to shape me…into what? His Image so that when the answer comes what others see is His reflexion in me of Grace, Courage, Forgiveness, Fearlessness, Integrity. Right now, if I had the “information” I seek I know that none of those things would be seen.
Whats the big deal about faith? It is the substance (the real physical matter of which a thing consists and which has a solid, tangible presence) of things hoped for. Thats what I want beyond what the information will give me. It is the place where wisdom resides.
I think of my friends who have held that space because of cancer, broken marriages, addictions, children suffering from mental disorders and the parents who love them through it, financial trouble, loss of job. The list goes on and on. I think of how some have done it with knowledge and others with wisdom and faith. God has been there for each of them, never leaving their side. But for those who chose to do it their way struggled in finding their way to that place of peace.
Maybe some of you are looking for answers to some heart wrenching questions. Maybe together we can hold that space open for faith, step into it and wait for Gods wisdom to come pouring over us. I am taking that first step.
“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

The Neutral Zone of Reconciliation

In thinking about what I want to write about in my blog I thought I would go back through some of my earlier writings and select a few to get this going. You will find an array of topics. This reflection on reconciliation is about broken relationships and the process I went through to come to a place of my own reconciliation and peace.

‘I don’t know if you have ever seen the movie “War Horse” directed by Steven Spielberg. It is a powerful movie. The story is about a beautiful thoroughbred horse that was used during the war of WWI. It follows his journey through battle, capture and the ravenous experiences he is exposed to during his time on and near the battlefield. He was a magnificent horse who carried the elite commanders into battle. He is hardly recognizable by the end of the movie. He endures the abuse of pulling heavy artillery guns and wagons of munitions to the front lines for the enemy. Only by grace does he become reunited to his original owner who cares for him on his farm at the end of the war.

There is one intensely moving scene where the war-horse is running from battle upon a ridge that separates the two enemy sides by barbed wire fencing. Running from loud explosions of gunfire and bombs going off the war-horse runs frantically looking for a way of escape. In his frenzy his legs get caught in a barbed wire fence. As he continues to run he picks up more and more of the fencing completely entangling himself. He falls from the barbs coiling around his legs and neck . Terrified he struggles to get to his feet and with each attempt the barbs cut deep into his flesh.

The soldiers from each opposing side watches as the war-horse struggles to regain his freedom. Each side is aware that if someone doesn’t help him he will die. It seems an impossible dilemma but suddenly one man from one side stands. He climbs out of his trench and walks to where the horse is entangled. He is unable to free the horse by pulling the barbed wire off.  He looks up to see a soldier from the opposing side, his enemy, coming to his aid with a set of wire clippers. They have created a neutral zone to work together. Side by side they work to free this animal from the wire that holds him in bondage. In that brief moment they share a glimpse of what could be…for a brief moment they are friends.

I share this story because it became a powerful word picture for me in working through a fractured relationship with someone I consider very dear to me.

When we become wounded in relationships it can make you feel as if you are in the midst of a battle. Words can become weapons and hurt us deeply. We become vulnerable to our surroundings and nothing feels safe. Often times we retreat tending to our wounds and other times we stand our ground pulling out our own weapons of words, wielding them without any thought of where they might land or the damage they can do. When the dust settles we find ourselves on opposite sides feeling like we are facing our enemy. The chasm can sometimes seem so wide between us and we don’t know how to get back to the person we cared so deeply for.

While struggling to work through this fractured relationship I often turned to a very wise counselor/coach who also happened to be a dear friend. She listened patiently and without judgment to my story of pain and offered very little advice. What she did offer was a listening ear, lots of grace and some deeply penetrating questions. Here is the interaction between us that brought an amazing shift for me in how I saw my relationship to my friend and the answer to what the next step should be.

“I didn’t feel like I had been really heard. I had all the hurtful words dumped on me. When I tried to tell my friend how I felt I was shut down. She wasn’t interested in how I felt. There was little communication between us. What requests I made and boundaries I tried to set for a “safe” conversation, I felt they were ignored. She sent a card and email expressing her deep sorrow for her behavior and words. She knew she had wronged me and profusely apologized and asked forgiveness. I responded with a yes. Yet I did not feel any better. I still didn’t feel safe nor did I feel that I had been given the chance to be heard. So what was wrong with me?”

“I feel manipulated. I feel closed in, claustrophobic. I feel manipulated and it makes me angry. I know that anger can be a good emotion for working things out that are wrong. That it can serve to protect me. But this anger doesn’t feel good. I don’t want to feel angry when I think of this friend.”

My friend asked, “So if you didn’t feel anger what would you feel?”

I considered her question then answered, “I would feel safe. The space would be open and there would be freedom. I would be free from anger”

“What would safe feel like?”

“Safe would feel like there was space. It would be neutral ground. Anger feels like a war zone, but where a neutral zone is created enemies from both sides can enter in. There is no danger of attack or being fired upon. It is a place of vulnerability with significant risks. It’s like the scene from the movie “War Horse.”

“What do you do in the neutral zone?”

I thought of that scene I mentioned at the beginning. I thought of both sides hiding in the trenches from one another’s bullets. They were hidden from one another’s view, yet in plain sight was the war-horse all tangled in the barbed wire. With each movement the horse made to free itself the barbs cut deeper and deeper into its flesh. The war-horse that had been useful to both sides now lay in a heap of wounds, languishing from neglect and misunderstanding. From the trenches hidden below the line, both sides were safe within their own boundaries.

We don’t often consider the consequences of careless words or the world they create. So in the backdrop of a world ravaged by war we wonder if there is anything left worth saving. The soldier could have stayed down in the trench, safely hidden from his enemy. Eventually he could walk away. The horse would be just another casualty of war. I was a soldier on one side, my friend the solider on the other. I saw the War Horse as the tender relationship between my friend and me and it was now tangled in the wire of hurt and misunderstanding. Each barb represented the careless words spoken with their cutting and biting edges. Unattended these barbs had the potential to destroy what had been a beautiful and deeply meaningful relationship.

But from the trenches a soldier steps out and moves toward the animal. There was no guarantee that he would not be shot at. He knew what was at stake with that first step. There always comes that moment when we are faced with a decision concerning a relationship that has been deeply wounded. How far do we want to go to resolve this conflict? What are the risks involved. What if it risk doesn’t work out. When that soldier took his first step out of the trenches his buddies whispered, “What are you doing? Are you crazy?” They saw the impossibility of his task. He saw the potential and was willing to take the risk.

This was the pivotal place of change for me. Stepping out from the trench where my safety was paramount and into the space of possibility. The possibility of healing and restoration is now present where it didn’t seem so before. Also, standing by the horse the soldier realized he couldn’t free the horse by himself. Looking up he saw his enemy standing there holding the very tool he needed to free the horse from the tangled wire. Both men stepped out from their trenches. They created a neutral space from which they could work together. It was a space that would demand vulnerability. As they cut the wire with its barbs from the horse it required great care to ensure that the horse would not sustain further injury. In handling the wire the same care would need to be taken so that the wire didn’t fly up and hurt either person.

My friend who listened with great care once told me forgiveness is for me, for the present, it takes only one. Reconciliation takes two, it is in the present, it is a coming together. Trust is for the future, it is earned. It takes time.

I see the neutral zone as the place where the work of reconciliation takes place. I didn’t really see it clearly when she first mentioned it early on. I understood the concept but it comes with so much more clarity as seen within the boundaries of the neutral zone. We often come to the place of reconciliation with our own ideas of what we want or think it should look like. If we don’t create that space of neutrality we often stifle or completely smother the life out of its potential.

I want to be reconciled to my friend. She is not my enemy like in the movie. I have never thought of her in that way. But the experience feels like a real battle. I have climbed out of my trench and stepped onto the battlefield. She has stepped out too and together we have created this neutral zone. She didn’t show up the way I wanted but she showed up. That is all I need to see. Together, with God’s grace present we will start cutting away the tangled wire, aware of the proximity of the space we each hold.

I would love to say what the final outcome of this will be. In all honesty, I do not know. I do know God has the power to heal and restore. I believe in that, I trust in that and only He knows what that will look like for me and my friend. But for me now I have freedom from the bondage that brokenness brings. I rejoice in that. And for now I will hold this neutral space with honor and care. It is a gift.